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⌚ Watchmarket

This unique FiveM script introduces an immersive watch trading experience. Players can visit the watch store, browse a variety of timepieces, and even negotiate trades with other players. The marketplace dynamically adjusts watch prices based on supply and demand, creating a dynamic economy. Whether you’re a watch enthusiast or a savvy trader, this script adds a touch of luxury to your server!” πŸ•°οΈπŸ€


Watch Categories​

storecategories Categories are used to organize watches in the store. You can add, remove, or edit categories in the config.lua file.


5 is the maximum number of categories that can exist

    categories = { -- categories musst be lowercase
[1] = "all", -- this category is fixed and will be always the first one (it shows all watches)
[2] = "classic",
[3] = "sport",
[4] = "gold",
[5] = "platinum",

Admin Overview​

The admin overview allows you to manage watches. You can access the admin overview by store interface.


Set Group Permissions​

Can be managed by setting group permissions in the config.lua file.

    adminGroups = {"admin", "superadmin", "mod"}, -- Groups that can access to the admin overview

Add Watches​

Edit Watches​

Delete Watches​


Deleting a watch is irreversible (watch cannot be traded after this). Make sure you want to delete the watch before proceeding.